Vampire (B. 1267, D. 1303, B. 2008). Baron Misuraca was originally a musician commissioned and eventually condemned by the omnipotent church of “His Holy Majesty.” Through a bizarre turn of events he was brought to undeath by a conjured demonic entity. Now reborn in contemporary NYC, Baron is slave to two masters: an insatiable lust for blood, and a spiritual quest for redemption. A cello player in his time, he now fronts VASARIA as lead vocalist and bassist. In Flesh and Spirit is his story...

The ultimate antagonist, Apathess is a wispy wayward spirit from the very depths of Hell itself. Originally an angel cast out of Heaven with Satan, she is responsible for turning Baron into the foul thing of the night he is. Communicating only with telepathic impulses, Apathess appears and reappears throughout the story. Both in current and medieval times, she is Baron’s unholy muse, urging him to give in to dark temptation and to accept his “divinity.”

A clairvoyant at the macabre Jupiter Park in NYC with a rather extreme fascination with the darker side of life (and death), the ever verbose Reina is Baron’s demented slave, responsible for his contemporary rebirth. Upon reviving him from a 700 year death sleep, she begged him to take her soul and be his keeper. She got her wish…

KIRA LAUREN (Baron’s “Guest”)
A VASARIA enthusiast, Kira is Baron’s latest victim and an especially significant one, as she becomes a symbol of Baron’s quest for redemption. Ultimately deciding that “the evil one creates one can destroy,” Baron seeks release for Kira’s soul. Can either of them rise from the darkness into the light?

What can be written about Moe the Malevolent that isn’t painfully obvious? Tipping the scales at 500 pounds, Moe is the infamous, psychotic, meat cleaver-wielding man known as the “Master of Ceremonies,” among other things, at NYC’s Jupiter Park. As one might imagine, he is responsible for much of its vile goings-on.

A highly zealous medieval nun from the church of “His Holy Majesty,” it was Sister Andrea that quite sadistically carried out Baron’s grisly death by impalement in 1303. Radiating raw sadism, the Sister had been known to be quite obsessive in her day.

“His Excellency,” Monsignor Joseph, the stern 14th century leader of the church of “His Holy Majesty,” was Baron’s exclusive patron throughout the last years of his mortal life. The very embodiment of the notion of “the fear of god,” the Monsignor was also responsible for Baron’s eventual banishment.