From the darkened streets of New York comes forth Baron Misuraca - horror icon, Goth-Tronic music solo artist, frontman of renowned metal band Vasaria and now writer and main character of the In Flesh and Spirit comic book series.
Known for his brooding baritone voice and floor length hair, Baron, a life-long horror and comics fanatic, formed Vasaria as a heavy metal sonic embodiment of classic horror cinema. He brings the band to new life (or undeath) within the pages of In Flesh and Spirit as he tells the tale of his character's saga. Baron has also recently satiated his Gothic and Electronica cravings by unleashing an all-new solo project featuring live performance spectacles not to be missed. A new album, appropriately entitled Technogoria, is in the making.

ALEX HORLEY - Cover Artist
Alex Horley (born Alessandro Orlandelli) is an Italian illustrator who works both in Italy and the United States. Alex is known for fantasy art, science fiction, horror paintings and comic book art. His extensive resume includes projects for Heavy Metal, Kaos Comics, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Wizards of the Coast, Dark Horse, Dynamic Forces, Penthouse Comix, Image Comics, Vertigo, Acclaim Comics, Magic the Gathering and Harry Potter Collectible Card Games (CCG). Heavily influenced by fantasy art greats Frazetta and Bisley, Alex has developed a style all his own which has created quite an impact in the industry.

DAVID G. WILLIAMS - Pencils and Inks
Primarily an illustrator who works in black & white (brush, pen and ink) and color (traditional and digital), David G. Williams resides in Australia and has had work published in Australia's People Magazine. He has also contributed to Wolverine, Catwoman Annual, R.E.B.E.L.S., Shadow of the Bat, The Phantom, and Ninjak.

Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Jarreau Wimberly is a professional illustrator whose resume includes work for Magic the Gathering, Alderac Entertainment Group's Legend of the Five Rings, Hasbro's G.I. Joe, and preproduction and marketing art for Marvel Entertainment's The Incredible Hulk film.